I would recommend you plan your party to run from 11am – 1pm. This means the children can eat their party food at lunchtime. If you’d prefer an afternoon party, then 3pm – 5pm or 4pm – 6pm would be fine.

Its always worth emailing me to ask for last minute availability but ideally you should book as far ahead as you possibly can to avoid disappointment. Weekends are very busy times so the sooner the better!

As well as performing at lots of private parties, I also have public performances. Please refer to the Whats On section of my Home Page for up to date information about these shows.

You can find reviews by clicking the ‘Reviews’ tab on the top of my homepage. Alternatively, click on the Facebook icon on my homepage for lots more.

This depends on the length of the show. In general, for my one hour show I would need to arrive 30 minutes in advance of the start time to allow time to set up. For my 2 hour show, I need 45 minutes before the children arrive to get everything ready. This will be stated clearly on the Contract I send you when you book.

If you are in a hired hall then its best if I have a space near a power point at one end of the hall. The children will then come and sit on the floor in front of me. Tables for food should be set along the side or opposite end of the room. Its always better to sit the children at tables to eat rather than on the floor as they eat more! If adults are staying to watch, then chairs should be angled towards me so they can watch and enjoy the show too. This also encourages the adults present not to talk through the show.

My show has very noisy bits and some quieter bits and its a shame if the quiet bits are spoilt by background chatting. I want all the adults to enjoy and not miss their child’s special moment.

If the party is at home, then move as much furniture as you can to allow space for myself and the children. Access to a power socket is required. Be sure to remove breakables!

Shows do work better inside but it is possible to have the party outside. However, there are less distractions indoors and its easier to keep the children focussed. Children can be distracted by swings, slides etc and if the weather is too hot, they are at risk of getting burnt. Its always wise to have a back up plan in case of bad weather too.

I need a parking space as close as possible to the venue as I have a lot of equipment to unload – access is very important. If you could place balloons outside the venue, that would help me find you. Its essential that I have the full address and postcode for the same purpose. I would ask that you keep your mobile phone close at hand in case I am struggling to find you.

There is no limit to how many children you can invite. If you were to book my 2 hour show, the price includes balloon models for up to 40 children. If there are more children than this, then there would be a small charge for the extra balloons.


Yes, I have a preformatted party invitation.

Click on the image or download & print your FREE Party Invitations here