I guess a lot of parents ask themselves the above question when they’re considering booking a children’s entertainer for their child’s party. Surely I can manage on my own? I’m great with children! How hard can it be?

Well, of course it is completely possible to do it on your own but haven’t you got enough to do? What with greeting the guests, hanging up coats, receiving presents, issuing info to parents on pick up times etc, trying to listen to parents instructions about how their little one doesn’t like this or is a bit too shy to do that. All this is before you’ve got on with the business of organising games, preparing and serving food, supervising who eats what, wiping noses, wiping tears and ferrying little ones back and forth to the toilet If it’s a house party you’re keeping the dog/cat out of the way of those who don’t like pets and keeping the dog/cat safe from those who do! Its not at all easy to keep control of a room full of excited little birthday people and to hold their attention while you relax, enjoy the party yourself! Share the workload with me – your children’s entertainer.

Be good to yourself – lose the stress and hand over to a professional. You’ll enjoy it all a lot more and you’ll survive in one piece!