I had a call yesterday from a mum wanting to book a birthday party for her little boy.  This happens all the time (thankfully!) but this call was a bit different.  The mum in question told me how she used to come and watch me perform at a local social club when she was a little girl.  Apart from making me feel really old, it was great to have a flashback to those days in the 80s when I used to work at a lot of social clubs, working mens’ clubs, holiday parks etc.  This particular club used to employ me to come and perform my magic show every Sunday lunchtime and I remember heaving all my equipment up the stairs to the first floor and setting up ready to go.  I loved working there – I had a lot of regulars and the staff were so friendly, looked after me very well and were so kind and generous to me when I moved on to take my show on the road!

To hear from one of those children – now all grown up and a parent – was so great!  I have lots of occasions when I’m asked to perform by mums & dads who had me at their birthday parties when they were little.  How flattering that they remember me so well and with such good memories that they want their own children to have the same experience.  Thats the best thing about my job – making memories.

So thank you to that mum for reminding me of those happy days and if anyone else remembers me from Durrington Working Men’s Club in Worthing, I’d love to hear from you!