Well didn’t Summer go quickly?!  I can’t believe how quickly the school holidays passed by and suddenly everybody is looking all smart and ready for another year at school!  I’ve had a very busy time working my magic this Summer.  From lots of end of term school parties and fetes to a wonderful time performing regularly at Fishers Farm Park where it was lovely to see so many of you and especially nice that you came up to me, said hello and told me how much you enjoyed my show.  Thats what its all about and I love getting that instant reaction from you all.  We didn’t do too badly with the weather did we?!  You never know, the sun might put in another appearance in September just before it puts itself away for the Winter.  Oh and I’ve already seen Christmas trees in the shops which is a bit scary!!

Speaking of Christmas, I’ll be appearing at Hanger Farm Arts Centre with my Magical Christmas Show on 19th December so you must come and see me!  Follow this link for tickets https://www.hangerfarm.co.uk/events/malcolm-the-magicians-magical-christmas-show/.  Its never too soon to book and thats one thing off your enormous Christmas List taken care of!