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You’ll like this. Not a lot …. but you’ll like it!

You’ll like this.  Not a lot …. but you’ll like it! Magic is quite sexy nowadays, quite trendy. Lots of young, hip magicians performing fast paced, mind boggling tricks quite often on the street and quite often to a young audience. Its had a bit of a resurgence on the TV too. Everyone is familiar with Dynamo and despite being [...]

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Back to School

Well didn’t Summer go quickly?!  I can’t believe how quickly the school holidays passed by and suddenly everybody is looking all smart and ready for another year at school!  I’ve had a very busy time working my magic this Summer.  From lots of end of term school parties and fetes to a wonderful time performing regularly at Fishers Farm Park [...]

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Welcome to my new Blog. This is a new venture for me and I hope to be able to update regularly with any thoughts or events which might interest you! I’m so happy with my new website - the first update for a good few years! The old website served me well but I feel that I can communicate better [...]

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